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Real Estate Professionals 


I specialize specifically in working with real estate professional’s by bringing value to their financial planning and tax planning strategies for themselves, their family’s and their business’s. Real estate professionals work so hard, do so well for their family’s, and support a lot of business and people but who is supporting you? That's where I come in. I understand the unique financial challenges and opportunities that real estate professionals face financially as business owners, and I'm here to help you navigate them. There is no corporate entity behind you providing your retirement benefits, that’s completely up to you to implement for yourself and/or your business. These are benefits that provide a tremendous value add to your personal financial planning needs.

Personal Financial and Tax Planning Strategies 

I have heard from real estate professionals that their retirement plan is the real property they are accumulating or planning to accumulate in the future. To this I say fantastic, we want real estate assets to be a part of long-term planning but not at the neglect of a very crucial elements - Diversification. Again, I want real property to be a part of your long-term portfolio but not at the neglect of diversifying to assets that offer more marketability, liquidity, and a different correlation through differing market cycles. I support real estate professionals by taking a holistic view of their family's wealth and assets to implement a purposeful strategy through wealth management, real property assets, and risk mitigation. Purposeful planning through a disciplined and consistent processes to lend itself to value over time. 

Business Financial and Tax Planning Strategies 

Real Estate Professionals may need to concern themselves with their LLCs or S Corps as a business. Whether you are a single owner or have employees, I support real estate professional's business by educating on Simplified Employer Pension Plans (SEP IRAs), Savings Incentive Match Plans (SIMPLE IRAs), or Individual Owner 401(k)s. By understanding the benefits these plans have to offer to the business and while working with a trusted CPA; we are able to be proactive in tax planning strategies. This allows a tax strategy to be in place to offer a potential savings structure for the real estate professional and/or employees while deferring income for the purpose of a reduced the tax bill for the business and real estate professional. 


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