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Family Wealth Planning 

A holistic client engagement approach to wealth consultation to increase the probability of success for your family's financial security over time. Investment goes far beyond the concept of money in the market. We want to understand you and your family's short and long-term goals in an effort to implement a financial planning strategy to help pursue those goals with purpose. ​​

Wealth Management

Do you feel like you are selling when you should be buying? or buying when you should be selling? or maybe you do not like what you hear on the news causing you to not do anything?

At Investment Concepts, we implement a disciplined wealth management process based on understand what your family's goals are and your emotional reaction towards market risks and fluctuations. Our process makes consistency and discipline the driver of investment value-over-time.

Through the support of the advisor, industry research, and the understanding of your financial situation; we are able to implement an investment plan to promote confidence and understanding. 

Investment Taxes

Required minimum distributions, capital gain distributions, tax-loss harvesting, pre-tax or after-tax contributions, education gifting - There is a lot for the investor to try and navigate about their personal investments affect on their taxes. At Investment Concepts, we help you to understand the concept of investment taxes and work side by side with your CPA or a recommended CPA to help you navigate your investment taxes in an efficient manner. 

Risk Management Assessment 

Insurance is an investment concept many fail to understand because it is looked to as a cost which could not be farther from the truth. In reality, insurance is an investment in the security of your family. 

We have no control over what life will throw at us and our families. What we can control is how we prepare for it. Through the proper risk management assessment, we work together to identify shortfalls in your liability protections, if any, and address those shortfalls with appropriate solutions. 

Legacy Transfer Planning 

Everyone should at the very least have a will, but what would truly happen to your assets should you predecease your family? How will your spouse or children be taken care of? What kind of tax liability would you leave your family with? These are the types of questions and more that we answer through a proper legacy plan. Together with the help of attorney partners, we build the road map for your assets after death. We work to make sure everything is set to transfer in a tax efficient manner in line with your wishes. All this to promote generational wealth and lasting financial security. 

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