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What does it mean to work with Esai Ferguson, CFP®?

Investments and the concepts of financial planning is one that takes an emotional commitment. So much so, that many either avoid it all together or take it upon themselves to manage. To the credit of a select few, they do find investment success in managing their own accounts. To them, I say good job and good luck! For everyone else, the concept of investing takes on a much deeper meaning. 

Maybe you have faithfully worked a job for 30 years and have built a sizable retirement. The day is now here to enjoy the fruits of your labor. How do maximize your assets value? how do you provide income streams for your family in a tax efficient way? How do you protect your retirement nest egg but still seek value? 

Maybe you were not able to save as much as you wanted to. Maybe you still have to work and receive social security. How much longer would you have to work before you can retire? How is working going to affect your social security's taxability? How can you plan for the future while having to worry about the present?

Maybe there was a tragedy in the family and you lost a spouse unexpectedly. The surviving spouse now has the grieving process compounded by estate tax questions. How do I use life insurance windfall, if any, for whats most important today? How do I handle creditors, if any? How do I pick up the pieces of a retirement we planned together, but now I have to face alone? 

These are just a few examples of the real life situations individuals and family's face on a daily basis. What Investment Concepts offers is on-going communication, collaboration, and intentional support to help our clients as they face situations like these. We are able to help our clients stay financially confident through the financial planning process and proactive guidance through all facets of their financial situations. 

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